At times, it can be important to vet out a buyer to figure out if they are serious about wanting to buy a premium domain name.

One useful tool you have at your disposal is to set a minimum offer required on an inquiry. To set this, visit the “For Sale Configuration” tab in your domain name sales account as shown below. This sets the minimum offer required for your entire account.

Setting this field does not mean that you will not know if someone offers less. They will just received a message that tells them that you expect more from the outset and encourages them to increase their offer to something that will better get your attention. This setting is also available at the portfolio level in case different groups of domain names you own are set at different price levels.

Monetizing Failed Negotiations

There are many times where when negotiations break down. It usually comes down to a disagreement on price.

Since the release of the Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Program, has enabled you to monetize leads where buyer and seller cannot agree on price. Normally in this case, it’s the end of the road. But now, what you can do is send the buyer a final message encouraging him or her to visit a link that redirects to and tracks whether or not the buyer goes on to buy an alternate name. If this happens, you as a client will be credited with a very generous percentage of the sale price (up to 35%).

To accomplish this, follow the five steps depicted in the image below.

1) Click on dismiss to start the process and ensure that “Not Sold” is selected as the reason for dismissal.

2) Make sure that “Message Buyer” is checked indicating that you would like to send an email to the buyer.

3) Change the text of the body of the email, ensuring that the hyperlinked target associated with the “Click here” link doesn’t change. The text of this hyperlink and all of the other text can be changed to whatever you like.

4) Check the box at the bottom of the email box that indicates that you wish to try to offer other gTLDs to the buyer. What this does is place an ad and some messaging on the buyer’s negotiation interface for the new domain name extensions. If the buyer clicks on these ads you will also be credited for any downstream domain name registrations.

5) Click Ok to send the email.